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Google Chrome Will Soon Alert on Data

Google Chrome Will Soon Alert on Data

Posted on : 17-07-2018

Google is very regular with updates to its Google Chrome browser. The team of Google Chrome is now continue working on two new features that will enhance the way users download content, and will also give options to save data while browsing. New features like Download Home and Heavy Page Capping have been spotted in the canary and developer channels, indicating that they will be launched in the near future. The first and the latest activity in the Chromium Gerrit indicates that the Google Chrome app for Android is working on letting users rename and choose a folder for your downloads. When users download something on Chrome, it automatically starts downloading, with the file automatically getting saved in the downloads folder. However, a new feature is in the works, which now lets you rename a file and select which folder to save it in, before it starts to download. This feature is enabled by default, and can be disabled with the Download Home Modern flag. Also, do note that this feature is still being tested in the developer channel, so it could be buggy. The Developers reports that the option to choose the folder to save downloads isn't working for them right now. There is no clarity on when it will reach the stable version of Android. The second feature that is in progress has been spotted by Chrome Story, and it sort of alerts you when more data is being used by a website to load. This feature dubbed as Heavy Page Capping enables an Info Bar on the top that alerts users about heavy data usage. This feature is enabled by default, and there are two options to choose from - the standard one simply alerts you of high data usage, while there is a "Low" mode that will reduce the data to 1 MB. This feature is supported in the canary and developer channels of Google Chrome for Android, Windows & Mac. It is in early stages of development, so it may be a while, before it rolls out commercially. Whenever it rolls out, this feature will be very useful for mobile users with data caps. Source



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